Pictured are four of our current Lay Healing Ministers who were commissioned at the 11:00AM service on the Feast of Pentecost 2018.

The Lay Healing Ministry serves the members of St. Paul’s through the laying on of hands and offering intercessory prayer on behalf of members of the congregation.  Each first and third Sunday, there will be a prayer station in the Music Director’s office to the left of the lectern.  Any and all persons may proceed to the prayer station after receiving Communion.  It is a ministry available to all to be used when needed.  Those offering prayers on your behalf have lived within a tradition of intercessory prayer and will keep all prayer requests confidential.  The Lay Healing Minister (LHM) will ask if you have specific needs you would like to name out loud (e.g. healing of some sort, discernment, peace of mind, etc.).  It is important to emphasize that the content of your prayer requests are not a matter of subsequent discussion, and the LHM will not bring up the matter with you at a later time unless you initiate the conversation.

The point of our healing station is to open ourselves to the power of God’s Holy Spirit working within us through the process of prayer.  It is God alone who heals.  When we place ourselves in the role of praying for one another, we are opening ourselves to the healing presence of God in our lives.  Healing of body, mind, or spirit comes to us from Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit.

If you need intercessory prayer at times other than the first or third Sunday, please speak with the Rector or one of the Lay Healing Ministers directly.

Lay Healing Ministers (LHM) are commissioned by the Rector and participate in the ministry prayer through laying on of hands. On the first Sunday of the month a member from the LHM Team is present during our service of Holy Eucharist to confidentially pray with and lay hands on those who wish to receive healing prayers. Anyone interested in becoming a Lay Healing Minister should contact the Rector to explore their call to this ministry.


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