Having said farewell to Fr. Jim Melnyk after almost 10 years of service, St. Paul’s is embarking on a search for a new rector. With support from the Bishop and the diocesan office, the vestry will call an interim rector within the next few weeks to shepherd St. Paul’s through this transition.

Planning for the search process for a new permanent rector has already begun. This is a Spiritual Process, not a hiring process.  We seek God’s will for our congregation.  We are not hiring an employee, but calling a Priest, Pastor, and Spiritual leader. The process will likely continue through the fall of 2021. The diocesan Canon for Transition will provide guidance and support throughout the period. Key events in this process include the following:

  • Form and train a parish search committee
  • Develop materials for the search
  • Initiate and advertise the search on a nationwide basis
  • Conduct Discernment Conversations with applicants and recommend three finalists to be interviewed by the Bishop
  • Recommend the chosen finalist to the vestry who will work through the process to call a new rector with the diocesan Canon for Transition
  • Announce the new rector

Please check back regularly for new information on the search as it develops. The Newsletter and congregations emails will keep you informed as the vestry calls for volunteers for the Search Committee and produces the materials needed for a national search.