In preparation for Bishop Rodman’s visit, we will have a Workday on Saturday, October 9, beginning at 10:00 AM. Our goal is to pick up and organize all the rooms in the church and spiff things up so that we can celebrate with the bishop, knowing that St. Paul’s looks its best. If we have good participation, we should finish by 12 noon. We will soon publish a work checklist so that you can choose your task. Thank you in advance for your help. With your support, St Paul’s will shine on October 17th.

Key tasks for the workday include the following:

Flood lights on LH, Office, Bell
Landscape Lights: around church, front door, church sign
Clean benches
St. Francis Garden: Trim bushes, clean bricks
Wipe down hand rails on ramp to office
Get rid of dirt daubers outside of office
Make sure brochures are in labyrinth
Ask landscape crew when trimming bushes to trim all the way up over benches
Paint front door
Clean out cigarette butts outside office and memorial garden

Library: collect books for donation
Nursery: Books, put items back
Organize Narthex (brochures)
Check for cobwebs
Fix wallpaper in Music office
Glass film for Music office windows
Check back of nave to make sure books are straight
Put Our Lady of Guadalupe picture in back of Nave on easel
Straighten kindergarten room for meeting


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