St. Paul’s Search Committee took a big leap forward this month, finalizing the Ministry Portfolio located at on the Diocesan website. Information in the portfolio began with consideration of your survey responses, followed by structuring that data, along with fact-checking and opinions of the Search Committee members, into a document that we felt best represented our congregation. A draft was provided to the Vestry, who offered valuable input, which led to the final version that we provided to the Diocese.

Now we begin a new phase in the process of finding a rector. The position will be posted until July 15th at which time, the committee will receive the applications. Please be patient during this period. The search process requires absolute confidentiality, and the committee is not allowed to discuss any information about applicants. When the committee narrows down the field, the bishop will interview the finalists. With the bishop’s approval, the committee will submit a single candidate to the Senior Warden to begin the next stage.

We wait to see who answers our call, hoping that one of those who respond will be the perfect fit for St. Paul’s. Please continue praying the St. Paul’s Search prayer on a regular basis. This provides a powerful support for our work.

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