St. Paul’s is pleased to announce the formation of a Search Committee to identify and recommend a new parish rector. The committee is chaired by Allen Wellons, who is assisted by Linda Armstrong, Leo Daughtry, Nancy Gibbs, Joyce Kilpatrick-Jordan, and Sherrill Weathers, with Don Overby serving as Vestry liaison. Because congregational input and support is of immense importance, the Search Committee will soon be sending each St. Paul’s family a survey that will help begin the process. We ask that when you receive your survey, you complete and return it as quickly as possible. Each Sunday during the search, St. Paul’s will pray a Search Committee prayer in community. The committee asks that St. Paul’s members also include this prayer in their daily devotions. Praying for the work of the committee and for the rector candidates is always important and necessary. More information will follow as needed.

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